Funny on Facebook

Why We All Love a Little Facebook Humor

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. I'm sure you do too, and don't try to lie about it! Facebook is one of the biggest websites online and one of the primary destinations for a large portion of internet traffic as a whole. Most of us use it at least once in a while whether we love it, hate it, or just don’t care.

It is funny how people have evolved in their usage of Facebook since it first came around. People make friends and romantic partners through Facebook by looking at local people they’ve never met and checking out there pictures, facebook status for the day and “poking” or sending messages. It is even a great way to network professionally with people from your industry.

Besides being just a social network, Facebook has grown to be a marketplace and gaming site, among other things. Facebook users plan and promote events, create groups to network with like minded people, and have posted billions of updates in Facebook's history. You build a friend base and then tell them what you want to share. It can be so simple but many of us have ways to get pretty creative with our updates. Some people put a lot of effort into being able to post a funny facebook status or some weird obscure fact that is unusual.

Advertising on Facebook has gotten massive. Although the ads are very tame and neat compared to many other web company's sites, they are always there and with the massive, world wide user base there is a lot of money to be made. Almost every major company or corporation has an official facebook page, and it is such a part of daily life that many companies even promote their facebook pages on TV commercials and through advertising on other places around the web. Their advertising system is also popular because marketers are able to target potential customers very accurately by using the vast amount of information people fill out in their profiles. It has often been called a marketers dream because consumers on facebook display their age, gender, hobbies, workplace, movies and music they like, and much more.

If you are new to facebook then you will likely get lost in it for hours as so many other people have with the games and social interaction available there. However, remember to be careful as well because it can be dangerous to make too much information public. Facebook has caught some criticism for its privacy settings, which sometimes have been made too confusing and cryptic for people to navigate.