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How I Got My Mafia Wars Addiction

Mafia Wars is a pretty popular game on Facebook, in case you haven’t come across it before. And I am pretty sure that Facebook doesn’t require an introduction to anybody these days. I took up a Mafia Wars habit a while ago and usually play for a couple minutes whenever I log in or post a status. To be honest the game is pretty silly but I whenever I check my Facebook throughout the day I will go play and click around for a few minutes.

At first I ignored all the games when they originally started popping up on Facebook. I have a few video games I love for the playstation but honestly I couldn’t see how any game that could be played on Facebook would be fun or decent. I usually hate casual games and am not even the type of person who plays flash games online or anything like that. Still, every day my Facebook wall would get flooded with game updates my friends were playing, invitations to play with them, facebook likes and everything else. Eventually I gave in and tried Mafia Wars for a while.

Mafia Wars is almost stupidly simple but it takes a strange hold over you where by the time you have figured out how to play it has already become habitual. I would log in, check out whatever my friend’s likes were for the day, and then go click around Mafia Wars for a few minutes. I say “click around,” because that’s really all the game consists of. It is time based, so you earn a certain number of points every hour or so depending on what your character owns in the game as far as businesses, assets and other income goes. You can then spend those points to get gear to complete missions or buy more assets. It is reminiscent of the Sims except without any cool animations and with a Godfather theme. Then I'll post a Mafia Wars related Facebook status in the hopes that someone will help me in the game.

My honest advice is stay away from these generally awful and uninspired casual games that are available on Facebook. They can be an even big distraction and time waster than Facebook itself and that is saying something. When I start playing and then realize, twenty minutes later, what I am doing, I feel disgusted with myself. I mean, it honestly makes me hate my own person. Now, when I feel like I want to play Mafia Games, I read a book or a blog for a few minutes instead. It is much better and you don't have to feel guilty about wasting time on such a silly game.